The Map is Not the Territory

One of the key concepts in NLP is the idea that "the map is not the territory." In fact, NLP calls it a "presupposition" - in other words, NLP hypothesises that it is true. But what does it mean?

At the heart of this presupposition is the idea that as human beings, we can never really know reality. We only have our own personal perceptions of reality. Indeed, we experience our reality primarily through our sensory systems of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

We have within us neuro-linguistic maps of this reality, which we have built and refined over the many years of our sensory experience. These maps determine how we behave and what those behaviours mean to us. That meaning is, therefore, not reality itself - it is solely our own individual representation of reality.

In practice, this personal map of reality can be a good thing or a bad thing - it can empower us, or it can limit us.

So, what NLP tells us is that the map is not the territory - that is to say the reality we have built for ourselves is not necessarily what is really going on in the world.

Imagine the diagram below as a representation of reality :

You are represented by the red dot. Your reality is the dark blue circle. This is your reality - it is what you know and trust from your sensory experience which you have gathered and attached meaning to over the years.

You may have problems that you have found it impossible to solve in your life and with your own map of reality. The solutions to those problems DO exist. They are the yellow dots, out there in the real world which is represented by the large, light blue circle.

Via the concept of 'the map is not the territory', NLP encourages us to reach beyond our own reality to find solutions, to gain answers and to grow.

At Growforward Coaching and Training, we can help you find those solutions with NLP using some really simple techniques to help you expand your territory and your reality. Whatever the problem is, whether it's in your personal life or in a business context, we can coach you to find those elusive solutions to the things which hold you back in life.

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