What is NLP?

We use NLP a lot in our work with both individuals and businesses. But many people ask us what it is. There are several answers.

The most confusing answer is "Neuro Linguistic Programming." The inventors couldn't have chosen a more confusing description for the layperson to understand in our opinion!

We often say that NLP is simply "doing what works." At its heart is the idea of modelling excellence - people who do things well are studied and a set of rules can be generated about how to repeat this in another situation and by someone else. And if that doesn't work - try something else.

Put quite simply, NLP gets you from where you are now to where you would like to be - by throwing some techniques and resources into the mix.

The other description is that NLP is "advanced common sense". We rather like that.

What it isn't is magic. And it's not something to be scared of. Yes, we agree that NLP has got a bad name from a minority of people who use it unethically. But at Growforward we simply use it to create win-win situations for everyone concerned.

Put simply, we believe NLP helps you to create the life you want - it allows us to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes. Now what is scary about that?!

So if you fancy some coaching with NLP, get in touch. We'd be delighted to help you. We're based in Hull and operate throughout Yorkshire.

01482 212 345


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