As coaches, we provide support, motivation and feedback to help you achieve your goals.


Whether in everyday life or in business, we believe in the potential of every individual to achive anything they want to. You hold the solutions inside you, and what we do is unlock these solutions to help you achieve your aims and goals.

Chris Colcomb

Chris has been coaching as part of his business for over 15 years. Chris is a Myers Briggs Practitioner and an NLP Master Practitioner.


Chris is also an NLP Trainer from the world-renowned NLP University in Santa Cruz, California. He spent time there absorbing NLP from leaders in the field such as Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, Suzi Smith and Ian McDermott. Chris is also a member of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community.


Chris is practically focused on the process of how individuals and business can achieve growth – moving people from where they are to where they would like to be. His personal mission is also to help people to improve their quality of communication in all areas of their lives. 


In his spare time, he has been both a mentor for the Prince's Trust and The Hull University Enterprise Centre.

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